Soleil Records

Polish record company founded in the late nineties in Warsaw. Spirit of the label contain classic Detroit sounds combined with imprints of reel techno. Therefore, you can find tracks from the border of deep/dub and floor filling hi-energy bangers. Label brings together both talented and well-known artists from many countries. Tracks are charted by major techno DJs around the world like: Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, John Aquaviva, Damon Wild, Savas Pascalidis, Shed and many more.
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[SOL001] Echoplex – The World Energy EP
[SOL002] Echoplex – Epicentrum EP
[SOL003] Warsaw Admixture Series 1 EP
[SOL004] Soleil Live Episodes 1 – Echoplex – Live in Japan
[SOL005] Echoplex – Destinated Paths EP
[SOL006] Warsaw Admixture Series 2
[SOL007] Echoplex – No Entrance EP
[SOL008] Echoplex – Pin Atak EP
[SOL009] Soleil Live Episodes 2 – Echoplex – Live in Norway
[SOL010] Warsaw Admixture Series 3
[SOL011] Echoplex – Invasion of the Light EP
[SOL012] Echoplex – Home Sweet Home EP
[SOL013] Echoplex – Australia EP
[SOL015] Echoplex – Touched by the sun LP Beatport
[SOL016] Various Warsaw Admixture Series V Beatport
[SOL017] Akin Khan – Meridian LP Beatport
[SOL018] Akin Khan – Encounters Remixes
[SOL019] Hiroaki Iizuka – Journey through the brain EP Beatport
[SOL020] Hiroaki Iizuka – Glow (Echoplex Remix) Beatport
[SOL021] Microplex – Frequency Response EP Beatport
[] Echoplex & Archetype Archeplexes And Echotypes
[] Echoplex – Ultrasound Reprise
[] Echoplex & Pacou – Deep Red
[] Echoplex & Damon Wild – Warszawa