Polish record company founded in the late nineties in Warsaw. Spirit of the label contain classic Detroit sounds combined with imprints of reel techno. Therefore, you can find tracks from the border of deep/dub and floor filling hi-energy bangers. Label brings together both talented and well-known artists from many countries. Tracks are charted by major techno DJs around the world like: Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, John Aquaviva, Damon Wild, Savas Pascalidis, Shed and many more.
New York techno label founded by Damon Wild in the mid-nineties. Synewave releases have been charted by Kirk Degiorgio, The Black Dog, Spencer Parker, Giorgio Gigli, Christian Smith, Giorgio Gigli, Terence Fixmer, Jennifer Cardini, Brendon Moeller, Jerome Sydenham, Alexander Kowalski, Rødhåd, Kirk Degiorgio, Perc, Luke Slater, Ed Davenport, Sian, Mike Parker, Giorgio Gigli, Silent Servant, Dario Zenker, Psyk, Peter Van Hoesen and others.
IMF equals Index Marcel Fengler. After a string of releases for his up to now permanent address Ostgut Ton with Luke Slater’s Mote-Evolver imprint being an exception to the rule, Marcel Fengler establishes his own label to expand his capacity and give a platform also for talented producers or interesting collabos. IMF releases have been charted by Pan-Pot, Butch, Dario Zenker, Jonas Kopp, Dario Zenker, Kirk Degiorgio, Nick Höppner, Rødhåd, Dario Zenker, Shifted, Ed Davenport, Luke Slater, Peter Van Hoesen, Tommy Four Seven, Shifted and others.
Echoplex releases featured on other labels including singles, remix works and compilation appearances.