Let there be noise

ADIOS 2017! Come on down to Stereo on Friday 29th for one last noisy techno performance with Echoplex and art bonanza bash straight from the twin powers Alpha Centauri and South Sudan before Hugmanay. Hunners of acts playin’ cutthroat slapdash anti-fash little cash TECHNO! EXPERIMENTAL THINKIN’! EXPERIMENTAL DANCIN’! DEMENTED R&B! GARY NUMAN TRIBUTE ACTS! Destroy your senses and get bevved a little too.

Gracias Madrid!

Thank you Sungate, it was a very special showcase! See it yourself.

Sungate Showcase with Echoplex

The truth is out there #Sungate

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See you tonight in Berlin

Echoplex playing tonight at the Arena club in Berlin for Animal Farm showcase.

AFR Label Night @ Arena Club 30/09/17

This Saturday we travel to one of our favourite cities with the team for our first label showcase. We'll be at Arena Club with Echoplex, Patrick Walker, Quail, Turtle, Michal Jablonski & Tham. Join us.AFR Label Night / Berlin

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Gdansk tonight

Echoplex to play an extended DJ set tonight at the outdoor stage of in Gdansk, Poland. Looking forward to this last leg of the summer tour.